Thursday, February 26, 2015

New releases from NEKROS MANTEIA and ADERLATING.

NEKROS MANTEIA "Immersionism" Cassette EP
Fall Of Nature returns to it's roots and presents the latest offering from Nekros Manteia, "Immersionism". Supreme esoteric art. No further description required.

Pro-Cassette in a limited edition of 100 pieces.

ADERLATING "Gold Streams From The Angel's Throat Part 1" Cassette

First chapter in a two part series from Aderlating, descending further into their patented brand of darkness and ominous necro-scapes. Harrowing, trauma inducing visions translated into the sonic medium of sound. Shifting further into experimental territory, Mories (Gnaw Their Tongues, De Magia Veterum) and Erik (Mowlawner) have created an unclassifiable audial excursion into torturous dementia and unimaginable horror.

Pro-Cassette in a limited edition of 100 pieces.

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Saturday, January 10, 2015


WILT "From Depths Profound And Inconceivable" CD
WILT "A Daemonic Alteration" Cassette
One of the most prolific and talented artists of the genre returns with a 2 part series dedicated to and inspired by the work of H.P Lovecraft. These two new offerings both serve as a portal into a poisoned mind, filled with images of unnameable horror. Dark ambient noise collides with black static transmissions from unknown planes. Cavernous droning atmospheres painting images of hopeless dread. Subtle Death Industrial loops collide like the tectonic plates of a Black Earth. Dense hypnotic darkness with a unique organic edge.

"From Depths Profound And Inconceivable" on CD and "A Daemonic Alteration"  on Pro-Cassette in an edition of 100.

Funerary Call returns with a step even further into the abyss. Disembodied voices in commune with foreboding atmospherics. Formless entities speak through cavernous reverberations and the smoldering of black waters.

Side B comprises Crown Of Bone's suffocating, all devouring blackened walls of harsh noise excruciation. Harrowing frequencies that pierce and utterly destroy all sensory neurons.

Limited edition of 100 pro-cassettes.

TRAUMA "After Visiting Hours" Cassette
Slow growing surgical Death Industrial. Cold and minimal clinical sounds invoking feelings of catatonia, isolation, paranoia and neurological disorder.

Pro cassette reissue of a 2008 recording in a limited edition of 60 pieces.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New Releases from DEATHSTENCH, ESOTERICA and LITHOTOME now available.

DEATHSTENCH "Nekro Blood Ritual" Cassette
Since DEATHSTENCH's inception, this duo has continued to construct suffocating atmospheres of pitch black malevolence and impending death without salvation. Waves of blackened static churn and intertwine with sub-terranean frequencies and droning, funerary guitars. Poisonous black hatred and exalted evil realized through the sonic medium of sound. 100 pieces.

ESOTERICA "A Home For Rats" Cassette
With "A Home For Rats", Esoterica presents seven explorations through visions of dementia and disharmony, transcending flesh and form. Black Metal beyond the feeble mortal coil. 100 pieces.

LITHOTOME "Lithotome" CD
Lithotome's debut self titled full length of disturbing Death Metal has finally been birthed. Formed in 2010 as the brainchild of Esoterica (ex Chaos Moon/Esoterica/Krieg) as a lurching mass different from his other creations but just as touched. Imperial (Krieg/Twilight) became involved in 2011 and added his wretched vocal stylings to Esoterica's twisting and changing form of writing while The Many (Plastik Musik/Bitter Peace) added a pulse and shell, resulting in this, their first full length.
Lithotome can be described as a blend of the madness of Portal and ancient Finnish Death Metal sub 1994. Dense and unnerving Death Metal with little concern for traditional aesthetics, this is a record which will crawl into your subconscious and silently reap for time to come.


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Sunday, June 24, 2012

New releases from SPIRE, ADERLATING & FUNERARY CALL now available

SPIRE "Spire" C60

Ominous and discordant Black Metal, devoid of light and infused with hypnotic ambient passages. Fall Of Nature presents a limited pro-cassette edition of the 2010 self titled EP previously released through Obscure Abhorrence/Art Of Propaganda on LP/CD. 100 pieces

ADERLATING "The Golden Mass" C30

Foreboding dead atmospheres clash with abstract, experimental manipulations, creating blackened invocations summoned via unsettling, claustrophobia inducing walls of sound that blur all distinctive lines of common genre labeling. "The Golden Mass" is comprised of unreleased and obscure materials, re-arranged by Mories (Gnaw Their Tongues, De Magia Veterum). Limited pro cassette in an edition of 100 pieces.


 FUNERARY CALL "Beckoning At The Black" CD

Channeling energy and inspiration from chthonic elements, Beckoning At The Black celebrates the exploration of man’s darker half: the shadow-self. It is an aural descent into the underworld of unconscious and subconscious dimensions. Challenging the listener to gaze into the mirror reversed and walk the paths below. Remastered, reworked and including bonus material not featured on the original release, Fall Of Nature is proud to present yet another offering from one of dark ambient's most sinister exponents - Funerary Call.

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Monday, October 10, 2011

SUTEKH HEXEN "Ordo Adversarial : Daemons : Shadows" Digi CD Now Available

SUTEKH HEXEN "Ordo Adversarial : Daemons : Shadows" Digi-CD

Pitch black and malevolent, noise drenched occult Black Metal. These hymns demonstrate a sonic representation of ritualistic sounds and occult darkness, collected from extremely limited and sold out vinyl releases and live material.

Professionally pressed CD, limited to 250 pieces in a high quality digipak with artwork S. Wilson / Black Uroboros Illustration.

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

New SUBKLINIK and FUNERARY CALL available now!

SUBKLINIK "Musik For Dekomposition" CD
Since 1996, Subklinik has continued to create some of the darkest Death Industrial / necro-soundscapes in existence. Enter "Musik For Dekomposition", the latest full length from Subklinik, featuring six torturous expressions that convey a foreboding atmosphere abundant with feelings of death, and isolation, manifested through a sonic vortex of analogue filth and decay.

"Lo-fi, unsettling, and ultra grim, this immediately takes me back to the early-mid' 90s and the heyday of the Slaughter Productions cassette scene" - Jason Mantis / Malignant Records

Sepulchral, brooding Black Ambient from one of the most enigmatic and spectral entities the genre has produced. "The Black Root" saw it's first edition as a very limited vinyl release in 2004, now completely remastered on CD with new artwork, exclusively for Fall Of Nature.

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