Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New Releases from DEATHSTENCH, ESOTERICA and LITHOTOME now available.

DEATHSTENCH "Nekro Blood Ritual" Cassette
Since DEATHSTENCH's inception, this duo has continued to construct suffocating atmospheres of pitch black malevolence and impending death without salvation. Waves of blackened static churn and intertwine with sub-terranean frequencies and droning, funerary guitars. Poisonous black hatred and exalted evil realized through the sonic medium of sound. 100 pieces.

ESOTERICA "A Home For Rats" Cassette
With "A Home For Rats", Esoterica presents seven explorations through visions of dementia and disharmony, transcending flesh and form. Black Metal beyond the feeble mortal coil. 100 pieces.

LITHOTOME "Lithotome" CD
Lithotome's debut self titled full length of disturbing Death Metal has finally been birthed. Formed in 2010 as the brainchild of Esoterica (ex Chaos Moon/Esoterica/Krieg) as a lurching mass different from his other creations but just as touched. Imperial (Krieg/Twilight) became involved in 2011 and added his wretched vocal stylings to Esoterica's twisting and changing form of writing while The Many (Plastik Musik/Bitter Peace) added a pulse and shell, resulting in this, their first full length.
Lithotome can be described as a blend of the madness of Portal and ancient Finnish Death Metal sub 1994. Dense and unnerving Death Metal with little concern for traditional aesthetics, this is a record which will crawl into your subconscious and silently reap for time to come.


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